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You are the one who never left the Diablo 3 Gold corps

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The world looks like a noisy farce, nobody can change Diablo 3 Gold anything. I can laugh because I have known sadness. I am fearless because I have been afraid. And I am wise because I have been foolish before. Stop trying to live my life for me, I need to breathe I am not your robot. I am the Swan Queen, you are the one who never left the corps. What is your occasion? Do you have the right to teach me or change me? You have no right and chance. Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people. I do not need your sympathy. I regard it as my experiences. For man are man and master of his fate. The good seaman is known in bad weather. None is of freedom or of life deserving unless he daily conquers it anew. The unexamined life is not worth living. I know what I am doing now. I feel clearer than you. Do your own business. You care too much. Do you want me say that directly to you? You do not need face. I need. Something that I do not want to talk is about you. You are the scare of my heart. It makes me feel shame. Just go away and give back to me the freedom. I do not owe you. You do not owe me as well. Have your own life please.

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