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So western wow gold games used to represent the Chinese Jade.

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With the magic wand, finding training teacher to learn full pain, you will only use the pain and magic wand. November 3 messages in the new race Panda, monks of new cheapest wow gold jobs announced, the players have more and more questions, such as what will be career color of the monks- Blue posted today answer this question, China cultural background of the monks career, initially Jade Green as a professional color.Jade Green is between blue and green, between the foreign opinion is the color of sapphire or emerald, on the Chinese landscape painting is more close to the green stone commonly used in deep green. As the Chinese have known for thousands of years tradition of jelly, so western wow gold games used to represent the Chinese Jade, for example, before "Jade Empire" (Jade Empire). In addition, the Panda is one of four animal version of Yulong (jade dragon), the Dragon clan professional is Monk, jade green career may also result from the color. While the green is also a symbol of peace and nature, with the same emphasis on Heaven's peace-loving people who re-fit, but the panda. - Oh, in short, Blizzard is definitely not only because of the panda likes to eat bamboo with green, definitely not! Panda eat bamboo, really!However, the blue stickers also said that the color has not been completely finalized, the main difficulty lies in how to distinguish the colors between hunter green.Monk's career tentatively stone color is green. We really like this color, but now it is not a certainty.


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